What if... Meadows Needs a New Lift?

Every once in a while we choose an organization we like and experiment with their identity on pure speculation to see how a new logo can change an image and make a first impression. A logo plays an important role in building an organization's reputation — Its like meeting someone for the first time. Surprisingly an organization's relationship with its customers is not unlike a personal relationship — a first impression can go a long way.


This year we had no other choice but to do a logo update for Mt Hood Meadows, as a large billboard was posted right outside of our office window. We had to take it upon ourselves to see if we had anything to offer this Oregon mainstay.

The first step (since we didn't have any client goals) was to create some. We wanted the Ski Resort to be different than its competitors (this one was obvious); We wanted it to appeal to a wide audience (from family sledders to young snowboarders); And we also wanted it to look like a mountain ski resort (and not a giant fish trying to eat the sun).

To make things more interesting we decided to add some limitations.

1) It needed to be a logo update (not a new logo or concept).

2) It needed to be made of 2 colors (instead of four).

3) It needed to be a retail brand. We wanted to create a platform for selling merchandise.

Here is the before and after...


The result was a solid identity with lots of personality and lots of potential for building a brand that is unique, friendly, and totally sellable. The updated identity is still approachable but would make Meadows feel more like a destination — a place where memories are born; A place where fun meets daring; A place where you can pick up a cool looking t-shirt and actually wear it in public.

It may not necessarily be epic, but a logo does't need to be epic. It just needs to identify the organization, be authentic, flexible, timeless, memorable, and the foundation of a system that communicates the value of the organization it represents.

Let us know what you think (be it good or be it bad) by adding a comment below.