Seven Virtues Packaging Follow-up

The newly designed Seven Virtues retail coffee canisters turned out well. A big thank you to Francis Printing ( for executing the print labels so perfectly (as usual)!

Exterior branding design for Seven Virtues Coffee in Portland

Nice to see the branding come together well for Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters. These photos are of their Zipper Building location but they have two other locations including their latest on Hawthorne.

Branded Vehicle Graphics for a Portland Martial Arts Company.

We incorporated the four animals from the fighting styles of their art: Crane, Monkey, Tiger, and Snake into the van graphics. The vans pick up kids all across SE Portland from school to drop them off at One With Heart for their Transported After School Kung Fu Program. The vans are a great way to spread the word about their program as they drive through town.

Branded Exterior Design for Portland Martial Arts School

The newly rebranded One With Heart's signage and window graphics are up. You can see them at SE 42nd and Hawthorne. The combination of black and white photography and clean branding help to set their school apart.

Seven Virtues Branded Coffee Cup Design

The new Seven Virtues branded coffee cups came in and look great!

Branding and logo design for a Portland martial arts company

Relevant Studios is helping one of its longest-term clients rebrand their martial arts company. The new brand will showcase the community and high-minded aspects of the school and help unite the brand with one distinct representation.

Branding and logo design for a Portland coffee shop

Relevant Studios is working with Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters to brand their company with a Portland vibe that showcases the quality and high-level service the company already achieves. The new design is launching this fall and will help position the company as a Portland mainstay.