At Relevant Studios, we help make strong brands for our clients and engaging experiences for their audiences.


Brand Strategy

Brand Assessment
Brand Direction


Brand Identity

Logo & Identity Design
Typography | Color Systems
Style Guidelines

Brand Development

Messaging | Taglines
Photography | Illustration
Content Creation

Brand Implementation

Print | Packaging
Website Design | Dev.

Who we work with

We work with people who want to grow their brand — company, product, service, or idea — no matter how big or how small. We also like to work with people who are great at what they do, authentic, and nice.


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What others are saying

2 Brothers Moving

Imagine how your grandma felt the first time she saw Television. That's how you'll feel when you have your Brand built by Relevant.

~ ADAM (Owner)

Gladys Bikes

Thank you so much for going above and beyond on my website -- I can't adequately express how happy I am with it.

~ LEAH (Founder)

Molly Muriel

Thanks to you and your crew for being so wonderful to me and my company... I now know the power of good branding!

~ BRANDA (Owner)