Exterior branding design for Seven Virtues Coffee in Portland

Nice to see the branding come together well for Seven Virtues Coffee Roasters. These photos are of their Zipper Building location but they have two other locations including their latest on Hawthorne.

Branded Exterior Design for Portland Martial Arts School

The newly rebranded One With Heart's signage and window graphics are up. You can see them at SE 42nd and Hawthorne. The combination of black and white photography and clean branding help to set their school apart.

Branding & Environment Design for Cocotte Restaurant

Working on rebranding Cocotte — a French-Inspired Pacific Northwest restaurant on Killingsworth that just got voted top 40 restaurants in Portland! More design for Cocotte is on its way!

Hand-made A-Frame Sign for Gladys Bikes

This fancy hand-painted custom A-frame sign will be on display for the public at the only Gladys Bikes on the planet — on N Williams Ave. 


Farmer's Market Booth Environment Design for Eleni's Kitchen

We teamed up with local builder Isaac Miller to create a point of purchase booth for Eleni's Kitchen. The hand-built booth boasts a modular system that is easy to set up, take down and modify depending on needs.