2 Brothers Moving

2 Brothers Website Launched

We just launched the newly branded website for 2 Brothers Moving & Delivery. The website features a Responsive design that works seemlessly on multiple devices including PC, Tablet, & Mobile. The site is complete with custom designed pages and interactive widgets that communicate the value of the company and its services. The site is friendly, thoughtful, easy to use, and an ode to Portland that will resonate with the company's audience and draw them into to the great service that 2 Brothers offers.

See it live: 2brothersmoving.net


Interactive Website Widget Created for the 2 Brothers Website

The new interactive widget is a great way for poeple to understand how pricing works so they can get a good idea of how much their move might cost. The widget calculates an hourly rate based upon the square footage of the space and the level of service a user wants. Complete with custom graphics and is completely Responsive on mobile devices.

See the widget in action at 2brothersmoving.net/services/local-moves


2 Brothers Awarded Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Oregon

Congratulations to 2 Brothers Moving for being awarded one of the top 100 fastest-growing privately held companies in Oregon! (Portland Business Journal - Recipient List). Bravo!


2 Brothers is a stellar example of how intentional branding creates a platform for helping companies grow and succeed. Owner Adam Sweet has partnered with Relevant Studios to provide design and brand management since he launched 2 Brothers back in 2007. As we continue to evolve the brand together, we will help position 2 Brothers for continued growth and success.

Branding isn't the only thing to blame for the company's success (as much as we'd like to take credit). Adam is a visionary that has done an amazing job ensuring that 2 Brothers truly serves its customers in a professional, friendly, and authentic way. That approach is what makes branding for small businesses so powerful.

Adam has always been great at handing us his ideas and letting us come back with creative solutions that exceed his expectations. We pay close attention to his goals, and in turn he trusts us to help him make decisions that influence his brand. This collaborative process helps us articulate and share his vision with Portland customers!

We're excited to be working with 2 Brothers and to see what's next for this small company with big ideas.

Brand Identity Update & Campaign for 2 Brothers

Lots of new creative for 2 Brothers as we evolve their brand and re-inforce the "Local, Long-distance, or Across the Nation" campaign. We're excited to help roll out this brand refresh over the next year or so.