Content Management

Relevant Launches new Content Management Solution

Today we launched our new Content Management Framework (CMF). Much like the popular Content Management System (CMS), our platform allows for completely custom design and helps our clients manage their content without damaging the integrity of their site.

We're pleased to offer a new solution that is more streamlined than Drupal and Joomla but more robust than WordPress. This new platform is great for Small Business and Non-Profits with integrated Calendars, Blogging Tools, Media Libraries, Social Media Portal, e-Commerce Solutions, and more. Give us a ring if you want a tour of our Content Management platform to learn if Relevant CMS is the best solution for your new website.

Every client has specific needs and we will continue to use platforms that serve our clients (including Squarespace, WordPress, & Drupal), however we now have another tool that is superior for clients who require flexibility, functionality, and Design Integrity.