Eleni's Kitchen

CHALLENGE - Eleni's Kitchen was looking for help to make their brand cohesive and position their products and company for future growth.

ACTION - We helped redefine their look by updating their logo and creating additional identity assets that would represent the company well and communicate their offerings more clearly.

RESULTS - This is a recent project so we'll have to see how our work will impact their company and we will post it back here soon.

BRAND IDENTITY - Visual Assets

The first thing we did was update the identity so that it could be the foundation of a system that would be sophisticated and flexible enough to represent the organization on multiple types of media including packaging, digital, and environmental POP (a farmer's market booth).



The first step with the website was to create new content that would show the authenticity, richness, and textures of the food.  We shot and styled the photos and we were happy to taste test everything after we finished — yum.

INTERACTIVE - Website Design


WEBSITE ASSETS - Home Page Slider Ads

INTERACTIVE - Responsive Layouts for PC, Mobile, & Tablet


PACKAGING - Label Design

Before & After

POINT OF PURCHASE - Farmer's Market Booth

We teamed up with local maker and carpenter, Isaac Miller, to design and build a custom wood facade that serves as the front of Eleni's Kitchen tent at the Hillsboro Farmer's Market.


Photo by Eleni