CHALLENGE - How do you take an idea and make it a reality. The challenge was to launch an unknown brand, get funding, and design & sell new product.

ACTION - The first thing was to help develop a brand and related products that would appeal to the target market. We helped create t-shirt designs, desktop downloads, stickers, and other merchandise that would help sell the idea on Kickstarter (a way to raise funds for startup companies).

RESULTS - The project was funded on Kickstarter and the owner now has enough capital to create an e-commerce website and more products that will be available soon.


Great design team and work, easy to get along with. Helped us turn an idea into a business. Will be back for more t-shirt designs when we can. Berkeley rules.

~ TRAVIS - Owner

BRAND IDENTITY - Visual Assets

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - Lifestyle Photoshoot

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - Kickstarter Promotional Video

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - Product Photoshoot

INTERACTIVE - Full e-Commerce Website