Only Today Brand

Brand Attributes

  • Be authentic
  • Be relationship focused
  • Do meaningful work that
    makes an impact
  • Create positive/intentional experiences with clients
  • Live for today

Word Association


  • Thoughtful/Purposeful
  • Inviting
  • Experienced/Trustworthy
  • Fun/Happy
  • Creative

Potential Challenges

  • Need to communicate the "who we are" and "what we do" more clearly
  • Want to differentiate from competition (not just a production company)
  • Ability to attract the right kind of projects/clients

Mood Boards

Mood Boards are a tool to visually experience an overall look-and-feel without diving into design details. When viewing the following 3 mood boards try not to initially look at individual images [fonts/poses/media, etc] — Try to view the board as a whole, and be mindful of what thoughts come to you and what emotions are evoked.

Also try not to think in terms of what you personally like or don't like, but in terms of what represents the Only Today brand best. Your brand can't say everything to everyone so its helpful to create a hierarchy of what is most important to be showcased or attract your ideal audience — what are they looking for in a story telling company and what do they want to see. Then match up your company ideals/attributes with what your ideal client might be looking for and that is usually the best mood board to land on.

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Board Descriptions

Direction 1 - showcases the creative, inviting, and fun aspects of your brand. It has a positive and "live for today" attitude that feels both real and tangible. It also is down-to-earth or casual in a way that is very inviting and personal which shows the relational focus.

Direction 2 - showcases the thoughtful and trustworthy aspects of the brand. It feels like there is meaning and portrays a company that will get the job done well. It has a bit of an old-world Americana vibe that has personality without eclipsing substance.

Direction 3 - showcases the beautiful and experienced aspects of the brand. It is modern and smart. Though potentially more difficult to differentiate your brand, it would provide a clean framework to let the work speak for itself.

Keep in mind that you are not choosing an exact look-and-feel for your brand. You are simply letting me know which direction of the 3 has the closest overall look-and-feel (or mood) to what might be best for the Identity as we move forward. The final identity may look very different (fonts, colors, imagery, etc) to the mood board that you choose.

After choosing the mood board that might be the best overall, sometimes it is helpful to also mention any specific images that either resonated well or that were off-the-mark. Any additional thoughts/ideas are of course welcome.