Clark & Mayfield

CHALLENGE - Clark & Mayfield, a national provider of women's technology handbags, was told by a large online retailer that their products could not be included because they lacked a complete identity. Relevant Studios was their next stop and we are helping them develop their company's image with our approach of identity-driven branding.


ACTION - At first we were approached to do an identity refresh, but after we developed the creative brief, it was determined that the best solution for the company's future would be more than just a refresh. We started with their logo, creating a sophisticated and refined logotype to better match their products. Then we developed more brand assets including color, typography, custom patterns, and texture all within a cohesive identity system.

RESULTS - The resulting identity improves the perception of not only their company but their products as well. We are carrying the brand out across multiple platforms including product, print, and web by way of a Brand Management Contract and ongoing relationship.

BRAND IDENTITY - Visual Assets


CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - Lifestyle Photography

PRODUCT PACKAGING - Bag Hangtags & Technical Drawings

INTERACTIVE - Website Design



CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - Website Slider Images